Ketamine Therapy For Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal Thoughts Treatment Offered In Howell, NJ

What Are Suicidal Thoughts?

Research shows that a single ketamine treatment diminishes suicidal thoughts for six weeks. Located in Howell, New Jersey, and serving Jackson, Lakewood, Toms River, Monmouth County, and Ocean County, ReYou Ketamine Treatments offers ketamine infusions to reduce suicidal ideations, especially when they come from depression, which can resist the traditional treatments of medications and therapy. To schedule your consultation and find out if you can benefit from ketamine therapy for suicidal thoughts, call ReYou Ketamine Treatments or book an appointment online today.

Suicidal Thoughts Q & A

Suicidal thoughts happen when you think about intentionally causing your own death or are putting a plan in place to do so. Some people with suicidal ideation have fleeting thoughts of suicide, while others create detailed plans. In any case, suicidal thoughts are a sign of a deeper issue that must be addressed. If you or a loved one has suicidal thoughts, they can come with poor mental or physical wellness. You should watch for:

  • Risky behaviors
  • Giving away meaningful items
  • Personality changes
  • Increased use of alcohol or illicit drugs
  • Self-isolation
  • Saying detailed goodbyes to friends and family

These are far from the only other symptoms that can come with suicidal thoughts or ideation. Still, generally, it’s important to recognize behavior or personality changes in yourself or others and seek help if you find yourself thinking of suicide.

Suicidal thoughts are most often a symptom of depression, or major depressive disorder. However, depression is far from the only cause of suicidal thoughts. Other conditions can cause them also, as well as various life circumstances. You may be at risk of having suicidal thoughts if you:

  • Have been exposed to suicidal thoughts or behaviors in others
  • Have a serious physical illness
  • Identify as LGBTQIA+ with no support at home
  • Cannot access mental health care
  • Have a history of mental health problems
  • Have a family history of abuse, violence, neglect, or trauma
  • Have an alcohol or drug dependence

Even if you don’t have depression, other health conditions can come with suicidal thoughts. They include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), schizophrenia, traumatic brain injuries, and certain chronic diseases with widespread and long-term effects.

Typically, the first line of treatment for suicidal thoughts involves behavioral counseling and medications, such as antidepressants. You should follow your provider’s treatment plan closely to get the best possible results. ReYou Ketamine Treatments offers ketamine therapy for suicidal thoughts or ideation as an alternative mental health solution. Ketamine is an anesthetic drug with dissociative effects that can rapidly restructure your cognitive function and reduce suicidal thoughts. Your providers at ReYou Ketamine Treatments structure your treatment plan according to your unique personal needs and preferences. Most individuals require 6-8 infusions over the course of about a month. To schedule a consultation and find out if you can benefit from ketamine infusions for suicidal thoughts, call ReYou Ketamine Treatments or book online today.
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