After doing the recommended 6 infusion treatment, the majority of patients feel relief. In many patients, all that is needed to maintain this relief is: to do the proper integration sessions, to continue to work with their mental health professional, and to implement the proper lifestyle changes (which will become much easier in the aftermath of Ketamine treatments). Some patients need to return after a few months for a one session booster treatment. Some may need a booster session every few months.

Research shows that Ketamine infusion therapy is most effective if given as six sessions over a three-week period. This is known as loading doses. Some patients need booster infusions every 3-12 months.We highly recommend that patients go through with the full treatment of 6 sessions.

We place emphasis on maximizing the infusion experience. Your infusion will take place in one of our comfortable treatment rooms. After getting set up by one of our nurses, you’ll meet with an integration specialist to prepare for your experience. Before your infusion you’ll receive eye masks and headphones with a customized therapeutic playlist. During your infusion you will likely have an out of body sensation and will notice a change in your thoughts and perceptions. You can learn more about our process by clicking HERE.
We work with our patients in order to maximize their insurance benefits. Unfortunately Ketamine infusions for mental health are not yet covered by insurance so the amount of coverage provided by each plan can vary. We do everything we can on our end to minimize hassle or paperwork on your end. Because we work with insurance plans on a case by case basis, you should be aware that it is possible that you will not receive any coverage.
The initial consultation takes about 30 minutes. Infusions take about 45 minutes. However, there will be time before the infusion with the integrator and about 20-30 minutes to recover. Expect the entire process to last 1.5-2 hours.
We do not require a referral. All necessary information including coexisting conditions and medical interactions are gathered by our clinician at your consultation.
No, we require that every patient get a ride home with a friend/family or a taxi/rideshare. Friends or family accompanying the patients can wait in our waiting area. We also recommend that patients do not schedule much for after the session. Some patients may find themselves groggy for a few hours after the session. An early night’s sleep is recommended.
There is no need to stop taking any medications. In fact, unless under the supervision of a doctor, do not stop or reduce taking any prescribed medications. We have found that many patients have been able to taper off their medications in the long run after undergoing Ketamine Infusions.
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