Ketamine Treatment Process

Step 1Screening

Your journey will begin with a medical screening by our clinician who will evaluate your medical history and address any questions or concerns that you may have. The screening will also help us to determine if you are a good candidate for our program. If you are cleared to participate, the clinician will work with you to set up your individual treatment plan. If you schedule an in-person consultation you can begin your first infusion immediately after the screening process.

Step 2Getting Set Up

At your infusion, an integration specialist will discuss any concerns you may have about the session and will help you set intentions for the session. The integrator will also set you up with an eye mask and noise canceling headphone and will set you up with your customized music trackfrom WavePaths™- a specialized music program designed by neuropsychologists to guide individuals through their ketamine treatments. During this stage, you will be connected to the monitoring equipment and to the infusion pump.

Step 3Infusion

The prescriber will activate the infusion pump. Most clients report enjoying the infusion and find the curated music experience therapeutic and meaningful. You will begin to feel Ketamine’s effects almost immediately. You may feel lightheadedness, tingling in your extremities or a sense of heaviness. Some people report out of body experiences or feelings of euphoria. The experience is different for everyone. The integrator and prescriber will be available at any moment if you need them, but most people prefer to go through the experience alone. If you feel the need to go deeper or lighter, the dosage can be titrated on the spot by the clinician.

Step 4Post-Infusion

As the effects of the Ketamine begin to wear off, you will meet briefly with the integrator who will help you to process the experience you have just gone through. Ketamine’s efficacy is not dependent on profound experiences during the infusion, but when patients do have such an experience, they often find it meaningful to share it with the integrator as well. When you are ready to leave (for most patients this is about 20-30 minutes post infusion), a family member, friend, or car service can give you a ride home.

Step 5The Next 24 Hours

Take it easy for the first 24 hours after your infusion. The night after an infusion should be an early night. You just went through an intense experience. The next day, you should write a journal of your experience while listening to the curated WavePaths™ music track you listened to while undergoing your infusion. It is highly recommended that you do a short integration session with your therapist or with one of our partner therapists.
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