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Ketamine has a long history of being a safe and effective anesthetic medication. It is particularly popular for patients with severe injuries because of its fast onset and it being one of the few anesthetic agents that does not depress respiration. Over time, its strong antidepressant properties became recognized and research about how ketamine can be used for mental health proliferated.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine provides relief for people previously not helped by psychiatric medications because it has a different method of mechanism than other common medications. For years, the psychiatric world believed that it was a deficiency in the neurotransmitter serotonin that contributed to most forms of anxiety and depression. Most forms of medications for these conditions directly modulate levels of serotonin. Ketamine works on the glutamatergic neurotransmitter system which is why it is a powerful solution for people who did not respond to serotonergic medications. Ketamine allows the brain to increase flexibility in thinking allowing for new, healthier thoughts to replace damaging spirals. Ketamine allows for new neural connections to form which stay even after ketamine is not longer in the body. A major 2022 research paper has dispelled the connection between serotonin and depression and is moving the psychiatric world in the direction ketamine has already initiated.

Depression Treatments In Howell NJ

Depression is a prevalent mental disorder that is the leading cause of disability for individuals ages 15-44. ReYou Ketamine Treatments in Howell, New Jerse offer ketamine infusions for depression, an alternative mental health solution for when depression resists treatment or comes with suicidal ideation. To see if you’re a candidate for ketamine infusions for depression, call ReYou Ketamine Treatments or book an appointment online today.
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Ketamine for Anxiety Treatment in Howell, NJ

Anxiety Treatments In Howell NJ

The term “anxiety” usually refers to anxiety disorders, which are mental health conditions that cause feelings of irrational fear or anxiousness. While anxiety is a natural stress response that everyone has, persistent or irrational feelings of anxiety can indicate a mental health condition that needs professional management. If you experience feelings of anxiety all the time, you might stop engaging with activities or topics you enjoy. Anxiety disorders can also cause sleep problems like insomnia or prevent you from functioning in day-to-day life altogether. While anxiety disorders vary in severity from person to person, it’s important to get a diagnosis so you can find a suitable treatment.

PTSD Treatments In Howell NJ

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a complex mental health condition that starts after a traumatic or life-altering event. ReYou in Howell, New Jersey, serving Jackson, Lakewood, Toms River, Monmouth County, and Ocean County, offers supervised ketamine infusions as an alternative mental health solution for PTSD, especially when it doesn’t respond well to the more traditional treatments of psychotherapy and medications. To find out if you can benefit from ketamine for PTSD, call ReYou Ketamine Treatments or book an appointment online today.
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