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Anxiety services offered in Howell, NJ

From time to time, feelings of anxiety are not a problem; rather, they are a natural stress response. When anxiety becomes a lot to bear and starts to impact every corner of your life, it could be an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is treatable with ketamine infusions at ReYou Ketamine Treatments in Howell, New Jersey, Jackson, Lakewood, Toms River, Monmouth County, and Ocean County. To set up a consultation and find out if you're a candidate for ketamine infusions for anxiety, call ReYou or book online today.

Anxiety Q & A

What is anxiety?

The term “anxiety'' usually refers to anxiety disorders, which are mental health conditions that cause feelings of irrational fear or anxiousness. While anxiety is a natural stress response that everyone has, persistent or irrational feelings of anxiety can indicate a mental health condition that needs professional management. 

If you experience feelings of anxiety all the time, you might stop engaging with activities or topics you enjoy. Anxiety disorders can also cause sleep problems like insomnia or prevent you from functioning in day-to-day life altogether. While anxiety disorders vary in severity from person to person, it’s important to get a diagnosis so you can find a suitable treatment. 

ReYou Ketamine Treatments offers ketamine infusions for severe anxiety that resists other treatment routes, like counseling or medications. During your initial consultation at ReYou Ketamine Treatments, your providers ask about your symptoms, overall health, and how anxiety affects your life. 

What are some common symptoms that come with anxiety?

Various anxiety disorders cause different symptoms. For example, social anxiety disorder causes you to fear judgment from others while panic disorder causes recurring panic attacks. 

Yet, while there are many anxiety disorders out there, they can share lots of common symptoms. You might experience:

  • Elevated heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating 
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nightmares

As a result of your anxiety disorder, you might experience anxiety attacks. They’re similar to panic attacks but not quite the same. During an anxiety attack, your anxious symptoms flare up and the feelings of worry or apprehension become almost overwhelming. 

How can I manage my anxiety?

ReYou Ketamine Treatments offers ketamine infusions as an alternative mental health solution. Many individuals experience positive changes in their anxiety from the traditional treatments of counseling and medications, but ketamine infusions can help those who don’t experience the full benefit. They’re particularly effective for combined anxiety and depression.

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic, meaning it numbs the nerves but also alters your state of mind and perception. Sessions at ReYou Ketamine Treatments take less than an hour, but you need to stick around for a couple hours of observation once your infusion is complete. 

Based on the results of the first few sessions, your providers come up with a ketamine infusion treatment plan for your anxiety. 

To find out if you’re a good candidate for ketamine infusions for anxiety, call ReYou Ketamine Treatments or book an appointment online today.

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