Amy baria

Amy Baria


Amy is an accomplished registered nurse of just under 20 years.  She has a diverse medical background with work experiences in both Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, as well as General Medical Surgical and Ambulatory Surgical Care.  Most recently, her work has been in the outpatient setting with a specialty in Infusion Therapy.  She joins ReYou with a strong set of clinical skills, proactive mindset, and exceptional critical thinking skills.  Amy is detail oriented and proficient in adapting to changing medical situations that require sound decision making and clinical expertise.  Combined with her expertise in infusion therapy, her love of helping others heal though physical, mental and emotional health has led her to joining the Re-You team.  Amy truly believes in the power of empathy and kindness.  Her belief in forming trust with patients and providing a place to feel comforted and understood is essential in her care.  In addition to nursing, Amy is a mother of 7- year-old twin children and two senior dogs.  She is a devoted animal lover and believes that animals are one of the greatest healers of the heart.

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