Esti greenwald

Esti Greenwald


Meet Esti Greenwald, a compassionate and dedicated psychiatric nurse practitioner whose journey began in the challenging environment of an inpatient progressive care unit. Working with individuals grappling with diverse and often complex illnesses, Esti gained invaluable insights into the profound interplay between the body and mind. With an unwavering passion for helping others and continuous pursuit of knowledge, Esti aims to positively transform the lives of those struggling with psychiatric conditions.

Through her experiences, Esti recognized that true healing requires addressing not just the symptoms, but also the underlying emotional and psychological factors. This realization fueled her passion for holistic care, driving her to explore alternative medicine modalities alongside conventional treatments. Esti firmly believes in the efficacy of standard treatments, yet she remains acutely aware of their inherent limitations. It is this belief that has led her to delve into the world of alternative medicine, seeking to augment traditional approaches with complementary therapies to offer her patients a more comprehensive path to wellness.

Esti prioritizes the cultivation of strong therapeutic relationships built on trust, respect, and mutual partnership and is here to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring a comfortable and empowering experience.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Esti leads a vibrant and active life. An ardent advocate for the mind-body connection, she finds solace and strength in regular exercise and the practice of jui jitsu. In her downtime, Esti indulges her creative spirit through baking and loses herself in the pages of a compelling book.

“Be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.” -Lisa M. Hayes

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